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Imagine what would happen if the flavorful dishes from all over Greece married the fresh ingredients of the Gulf Coast. That's Helen Greek Food and Wine. We blend Greek regional cuisine - dishes from the mountains and the islands and everywhere in between - with local seafood, produce and meats, sourced from the best of Houston-area vendors to create a menu that feels both exotic and familiar. Siga-siga, take it easy, and come enjoy a meal with us.

Wine shelf at Helen Greek Food & Wine


Don't panic! Big wine lists, especially ones full of weird names, are daunting for sure, but Greek wine is anything but. Let us help you explore Greece from the mountainous north to the beach covered south, with your tour guided by none-other than award winning sommelier Evan Turner. With the second largest Greek wine list in the nation, we are proud to carry famous family vineyards and small boutique wines alike. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a truly Greek wine adventure - without even having to get a passport. If you have questions about our wine menu, or Greek wine in general, feel free to email Evan personally. Oh, and our all Texas beer list is nothing to shake a boot at either!

Helen Greek Food & Wine Staff


Like those who came to Greece from across the vastness of the ancient world, all of us came to Helen from different places with different experiences that shaped us - but we are united in our love of food and wine. We love exploring the flavors that make Greek cuisine different from anything else on the planet. We love sharing with you these dishes and their history. We love the feeling of welcoming you into our Greek taverna, where you can kick back, relax and be part of our family. And we love offering you service and an experience that you won't find anywhere else.

Helen Greek Food & Wine Staff


There's a Greek word - filotimo. It's that feeling you get from doing good and taking care of your neighbors. That's us. All of us at Helen love Greek food and wine. We love sharing that passion with you. We were drawn together over our excitement for these flavors, these recipes, these stories, and creating a space that was as welcoming as Yia-Yia's house. There's another Greek word - parea. It's the company of good friends, of building a community through good times. That's you. And together, we make Helen.

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